Summer Break Patchnotes

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    A7 Monsters:

    Decreased attack damage for all monsters, hp stays as it was

    Increased XP gain from monsters on act 7 from 90% -> 200%

    Increased amount and drop chance for a lot of items

    A7 Raids:


    Decreased Kirollas Avatar HP by 40%

    Decreased Kirollas HP by 20%

    Decreased Kirollas attack to 7000 - 10000

    Decreased Damage reduced by ranged attacks 70% -> 60%

    Summoned monsters now spawn around boss, not randomly on map


    Removed buttons

    Decreased Carno’s HP by 20%

    Decreased Carno’s attack to 6000 - 11000

    Decreased Damage reduced by ranged attacks 70% -> 60%

    Decreased Damage reduced by melee attacks 75% -> 65%

    Removed decreased crit dmg bonus

    Summoned monsters now spawn around boss, not randomly on map


    Decreased amount of buttons 3 -> 2, both are placed near miniboss spawns

    Decreased Belial’s HP by 20%

    Removed decreased crit damage bonus

    Decreased Damage reduced by all attacks 80% -> 65%

    Summoned monsters now spawn around boss, not randomly on map


    Removed pre bossroom

    Decreased Paimon’s HP by 20%

    Decreased all 4 Souls HP by 20%

    Summoned souls now spawn around boss, not randomly on map

    A7 Quests:

    Added Olorun Coins rewards to all quests

    Added XP rewards to all quests

    Increased daily raid quests to 10

    Increased weekly raid quests to 50

    Changed weekly raid quests task from “Successfully finish 50 raids” into “Deliver 50 Captured Souls” - due to client limitations we cant increase quest slots so we had to do it this way in order to free some space, with this change you no longer need to have weekly raid quests active

    Adjusted amount of items received from quests and weekly chests

    Added new daily and weekly monster quest on Celestial Spire 1-5

    Removed weekly tower quest

    Moved daily and weekly quests to guards near Chief Tator

    A7 Craftings:

    Adjusted all crafting recipes

    Following items got moved from Protection Shop (High) to Protection shop:

    - Olorun's Equipment Protection Scroll
    - Olorun’s Champion Blessing Amulet(Random)
    - Olorun’s Champion Blessing Amulet

    Added 2 new items:

    - Cursed Olorun's Equipment Protection Scroll (decreased upgrade cost by 50%)
    - Cursed Olorun’s Champion Blessing Amulet(Random) (increased success chance
    by 10%)

    Added 10x craftings of items listed above to Protection Shop (High)

    A7 NPCs:

    Renamed Useful shop into Coin Trader - all materials are the same as before but with new crafting recipes

    Chief Tator is now Soul Collector - you can trade with him for additional raidboxes, special titles or partner eq crafting materials

    Corrupted Orc is now Mysterious Magic Shop - you can trade for sps, special accessories, upgrading items and Olorun amulet

    EQ changes:

    [NOTE] Swordsman and MA weapons and armors got increased stats based on additional damage and armor from xbow in order to keep them clean

    Magic Sword of Belial

    Min dmg: 1130 -> 1300

    Max dmg: 1230 -> 1430

    Crit chance: 17 -> 19

    Crit damage: 190 -> 210

    Soft damage: 35 -> 40

    Belial’s Cursed Bow

    Crit chance: 18 -> 21

    Crit damage: 210 -> 230

    Spirit King's Staff

    Min dmg: 1430 -> 1580

    Max dmg: 1520 -> 1670

    Reduce ress: 24 -> 29

    Elemental energies: 260 -> 380

    MP increase: 5000 -> 8000

    Debuff: Maximum HP is decreased by 1000 -> All attacks are reduced by 10%

    Beast King's Gauntlets

    Min dmg: 1230 -> 1470

    Max dmg: 1340 -> 1580

    Crit chance: 17 -> 18

    Crit damage: 220 -> 230

    Beast King's Crossbow

    Min dmg: 1150 -> 1350

    Max dmg: 1250 -> 1450

    Crit chance: 17 -> 19

    Crit damage: 200 -> 220

    Removed All attacks are increased by 200 (stats are added to equipment)

    Removed All defenses are increased by 90 (stats are added to equipment)

    Chance for debuff 5% -> 8%

    All Defense powers are reduced by 5%

    There is a 10% chance that damage from all attacks is increased by 10%

    Below level 4 the chance of getting a bad effect is increased by 3%.

    Belial's Knife

    Min dmg: 1210 -> 1290

    Max dmg: 1270 -> 1380

    Crit chance: 20 -> 22

    Crit damage: 250 -> 275

    Soft chance: 17 -> 20

    Chance for debuff 5% -> 8%

    All Defense powers are reduced by 5%

    There is a 10% chance that damage from all attacks is increased by 10%

    Below level 4 the chance of getting a bad effect is increased by 3%.

    Spirit King's Eternal Flame

    Min dmg: 1150 -> 1330

    Max dmg: 1280 -> 1420

    Crit chance: 17 -> 20

    Crit damage: 200 -> 225

    Reduce ress: 8 -> 10

    MP increase: 1800 -> 3000

    Chance for debuff 5% -> 8%

    All Defense powers are reduced by 5%

    There is a 10% chance that damage from all attacks is increased by 10%

    Below level 4 the chance of getting a bad effect is increased by 3%.

    Bear Loa Token

    Removed All attacks are increased by 240 (stats are added to equipment)

    Added debuff like other c60 secondary weapons have

    Chance for debuff 8%

    All Defense powers are reduced by 5%

    There is a 10% chance that damage from all attacks is increased by 10%

    Below level 4 the chance of getting a bad effect is increased by 3%.

    Orc Warrior Bone Armour

    Melee def: 800 -> 930

    Ranged def: 800 -> 930

    Magic def: 800 -> 930

    Crit dmg reduce: 75 -> 85

    HP: 4000 -> 7500

    Ress: 30 -> 12

    Dragonscale Leather Armour

    Melee def: 780 -> 800

    Ranged def: 780 -> 800

    Magic def: 780 -> 800

    Crit dmg reduce: 60 -> 75

    Crit chance reduce: 12 -> 19

    HP: 4500 -> 8500

    Ress: 28 -> 15

    Robe of Kings

    Melee def: 630 -> 720

    Ranged def: 710 -> 720

    Magic def: 630 -> 720

    Crit chance reduce: 12 -> 14

    HP: 4500 -> 8000

    Ress: 30 -> 26

    Carlio's Wrath Armour

    Melee def: 820 -> 850

    Ranged def: 820 -> 850

    Magic def: 720 -> 850

    Crit dmg reduce: 65 -> 80

    HP: 3500 -> 7000

    Ress: 30 -> 14

    Other eqs:

    Lion Loa Sword

    Min dmg: 1080 -> 1260

    Max dmg: 1150 -> 1330

    Lion Loa Crossbow

    Min dmg: 1050 -> 1230

    Max dmg: 1100 -> 1280

    Removed All attacks are increased by 180 (stats are added to equipment)

    Removed All defenses are increased by 60 (stats are added to equipment)

    Lion Loa Sekraz Stone Armour

    Melee def: 780 -> 840

    Ranged def: 780 -> 840

    Magic def: 780 -> 840

    Broken Krem's Right Blade

    Min dmg: 1040 -> 1200

    Max dmg: 1100 -> 1260

    Luminiel's Shining Crossbow

    Min dmg: 950 -> 1110

    Max dmg: 1000 -> 1160

    Soft damage: 20 -> 25

    Removed All attacks are increased by 160 (stats are added to equipment)

    Removed All defenses are increased by 110 (stats are added to equipment)

    Brave Shares' Heavy Armour

    Melee def: 700 -> 780

    Ranged def: 700 -> 780

    Magic def: 700 -> 780


    Tower debuff is completely reworked - since now it will have the same effects but with every floor debuffs will get stronger and stronger, monster layout remains the same

    Daily tower quest is now available at Tower Manager NPC

    Added tower shop with:- Boosters for tower

    - Costume and special helmet

    - Tower pets

    - Titles

    - Tower reset ticket

    - Special upgrading items

    - A7 exclusive accessories


    Applied some changes to all sps: [PATCHNOTES] SP Rebalance / Rework NosByte Patch v1.0

    Improved sp combos to make them smoother

    Fixed cursor targetable skills being broken when using 100%+ cooldown reduction

    Fixed Draconic Fist SP not being able to use tattoos

    Fixed Flame Druid getting negative effects from Flaming Armor and Absorbing Flames on himself rather than enemies

    Fixed Flame Druid visual transformation into Druid form being forced after buff duration ended even if player changed SP

    Fixed everything that was wrong with Waterfall Berserker

    Fixed "HP replenishing effects will be converted to damage with a probability of X%” not working correctly

    Fixed SP points bonus not increasing resistances


    Removed boss floor drops

    Decreased time after killing boss 30s -> 5s

    Adjusted drop chances and rewards in all boxes

    Each raid will give you reward containing random amount of gold

    Added Raid Management to motion list (K) which allow players to teleport to every raid entrance and use Marathon mode

    Using Marathon Mode:

    - As Host will automatically invite players from previous team and team members will receive special marathon buff (buff depends on raid title owned by host, host dont have to use this title in order to buff team)

    - As Member will automatically join previous host (members with turned off marathon mode will receive invite)

    Fixed Paimon, Zenas and Fernon shields reducing hp/mp while having buff from rbb costume/arcane wisdom tattoo

    Fixed desyncs in paimon raid

    Fixed players below c50 being able to join Paimon raid

    Fixed players being teleported multiple times if multiple players entered portal at the same time

    Removed raid host getting "Party is full" when someone was trying to join full raid


    Removed rift cooldowns

    Removed shared exp penalty

    Exp is now being shared if players are on different maps in the same rift

    Increased aggro time for monsters

    Increased monsters movement speed by 6

    Improved monsters AI to make luring more enjoyable

    Pets and partners:

    Added pet skills

    Increased DHA pickup rangePet with DHA will pick up all items in range at the same time

    You can now turn on/off DHA with special skill

    Pet filter no longer removes items that are not on list

    Added special pet food that increase:

    - Attack level by 1, Attack power by 200 (max. +10)

    - Defense level by 1, Defense powers by 200, Max HP by 1000 (max. +10)

    Partner skins now give new bonuses:- 3k HP and MP

    - There is 50% chance that damage from all attacks will be decreased by 50%

    - Movement speed increased by 3 (increased from 2)

    Increased Guardian Angel’s Blessing price to 250k

    Guardian Angel’s Blessing now give new bonuses:

    - Companions experience is increased by 100%

    - With a probability of 25% Guardian Angels won’t be consumed when protecting the NosMate

    - Partner Equipment progression is increased by 100%

    - Movement speed is increased by 1

    Added custom partner equipment craftable at Teoman Topp - more info will be on later

    Pets and partners now respawn where they died

    Removed 5 level limit from Gourmet Pet Food and Partner Medicine

    Added Big Gourment Pet Food and Big Partner Medicine that increase pet/partner level to 98

    Added Guardian Angel Packs that contain 9999 guardian angels

    Fixed PSP buffs getting removed if you send back or change pet

    Fixed partners on 11th and 12th slot having bugged equipment slots which resulted in disappearing eq

    Fixed partners not keeping their eq if partner from slots before them was removed which resulted in partners wearing wrong eq types

    Fixed PSP’s displaying wrong effects on quickbar skills if partner was on different slot than second one

    Fixed pets not attacking enemies after they autocasted skills

    Fixed pets and partners not going close enough to attack enemies

    Fixed nosmates positions in miniland not being saved

    Fixed Mad March Hare PSP not applying Clouded Mind with 100% chance

    Fixed Freya PSP not applying Freya’s Announcement with 100% chance

    Fixed Egg Fairy's Blessing not giving bonus fairy exp

    Act 4:

    Snowboards no longer teleport player to UL, since now it will teleport player to defend Mukraju when enemy fraction summons him

    Removed buff npcs

    Guardians are now ignoring pets

    Raids will cycle all 4 elements to prevent repeating same raid multiple times in a row

    Added Elemental coins which can be traded for spirits at exchange shop in Citadel

    Added 3 types of orders obtainable by killing players during different events on A4 - orders are exchangeable for titles and other items in Citadel

    Added 3 daily and 3 weekly quests

    Respawning after being killed by player will reset all cooldowns

    Due to changes to stats and obtaining mechanics titles “Is This a Snowball?”, “Glacernon Destroyer” and “Frozen Warrior” got removed from all players.

    Added PVP progress bar and PVP reward boxes to Caligor

    Not attacking Caligor or enemy players will give you loser boxes even if your faction wins

    Added rift on Unknown Land but in order to enter it you need special permit which you can get from Caligor boxes or exchange shop

    Removing augment from equipment will give you 20x of each elemental coins

    Fixed player names being visible after being killed

    Fixed targeting own and friendly pets by pressing space


    Changed/removed multiple hunt quests in a1-3 main story quest line

    Changed SP3 quests:

    Collect Bloody Stone 50 -> 20

    Collect Bean Pod 40 -> 20

    Collect Flint 40 -> 20

    Straw 40 -> 20

    Special Water Bottle 50 -> 20

    Changed SP4 quests:Hunt Yak Warrior 80 -> 40

    Hunt Strong Tree Zombie 70 -> 20

    Hunt Mole Mother 50 -> 25

    Hunt Large Jellyfish 50 -> 25

    Hunt Sentinel 30 -> 15

    Other Quality Of Life:

    Improved eq saving system so you don't need to log in every time you change channel

    Removed item restrictions from mounts

    Added testing grounds where you can try your damage on all elemental stakes, few bosses, different combinations of tattoos and more

    Decreased transformation time (SP, PSP, mount, amulets (home/return/bell))

    Added sealed mother runes

    You are no longer getting kicked from IC if your group member got disconnected

    SP and PSP transformation cooldown is decreased from 30s to 10s

    Removed useless floor drops from IC

    Added amount of daily IC’s to $ibtimer command

    $act4stats will now display fraction, raid element and time left when raid is active

    Loot sharing is now default option when creating party

    Added confirmation to sort button

    Displayed family roles are now shorter (Head, Deputy, Keeper)

    Increased amount of homes in home manager 5 -> 10

    Moved teleport out of individual arena to safer place

    Increased a6 audience gain by 5x

    Decreased maximum family members from 250 to 150

    Decreased IC bosses HP by 40%
    Raid damage meter will now show Damage to monsters, Damage to bosses and Max hit to bosses, players will be sorted by Damage dealt to bosses

    Other fixes:

    Fixed Curse Power weapon rune effect not being applied on any enemies

    Fixed Mother Nature's Lightning Rune (Rare) not decreasing cooldowns by 20%, applying wrong amount of hit rate and giving 200 dodge

    Fixed Mother Nature's Tree Rune not increasing reputation by 20%

    Fixed Mother Nature's Tree Rune (Rare) not increasing reputation by 40%

    Removed Mother Nature's Cloud Rune (Rare) increasing mana by 3000

    Fixed Mother Nature's Fire Rune not applying 10% Attack and Defense bonus in pvp

    Fixed Mother Nature's Fire Rune (Rare) not applying 20% Attack and Defense bonus in pvp

    Fixed some items not applying ranged dodge correctly

    Fixed Laurena’s hamster debuff applying reversed movement after relog

    Fixed Ice Weapon Skins not applying Ice Blessing to player

    Fixed Jolly Rolls Hair Wax and Faux Hawk Undercut Hair Wax applying standard Hairstyle instead of intended ones

    Fixed Rainbow Champion announcement being displayed after 100 wins instead of 250

    Fixed players not receiving Rainbow Champion title after 250 wins

    Fixed summons being able to hit frozen players in RBB

    Removed error chat message after repairing broken eq with Repair Rune Anvil

    Fixed few c25 MA weapons displaying 60k sell price at npc instead of 10kk

    Fixed SP9 not being displayed in nosbasar after using filters

    Fixed Abyssal Lorten's Spell Gun not giving 2k MP

    Removed error pop up when resetting partner skills

    Removed error chat message after using Partner Slot Expansion

    Fixed champion eq not being displayed in nosbasar when using champion level sorting options

    Fixed XP and CXP shells not working correctly

    Fixed Damage from critical hits on armors not being applied correctly (whoops)

    Fixed HP not being updated correctly after being hit by monster

    Fixed trying to put Whitney Catherine in nosbasar ending up putting item from different inventory tab

    Fixed Hat is not visible and Lock UI game settings getting unmarked after you relog

    Zenas, Erenia and Fernon fairies are now untradeable after being used (you have to use fairy bead to unbound them from your character)

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